NutriGO fresh frozen pre-packed smoothies / protein shakes NutriGO Smoothies offer the ultimate convenience of pre packed, ready to blend/shake smoothies while offering the perfect portion of nutrition to energize your day or refuel your workout! We have designed the best tasting fruit / protein smoothies that offer the combined freshness of various ingredients to create an explosion of taste and nutrition. The NutriGo smoothies contain various natural vegetables, fruits, nuts & herbs to create a blend of wholesome nutrition that aid various health benefits.  It's really easy!! Cut it open.....Just add water & blend!   *best blended & served with ice*store frozen  How have we created the best fresh natural tasting nutrition bomb? By combining years of experience of protein shake drinking habits from our Fitness Professionals and combining it with the experienced taste buds of mixoligist and bartenders, that's why! Natural Ingredients | Fresh prep-packed | Perfect Portion Size | Just Blend  Flavours: Apple Cinnamon | Avo & Kale | Banana & Coffee | Berry & Mint | Pineapple & Coconut *more recipes soon! Order help:Orders are in box sets of 3, 9  and 15Box options are made up of various flavours / 1 x flavourOrders take between 3-5 days to be delivered Use your unique COUPON CODE provided by the person who referred you, to get every 10th Smoothie, absolutely FREE!  !! Available during lockdown !! Our humble manufacturers have clearence to produce and adhere to strict sanitation policies. We are also hard at work collaborating with various delivery options so we can help you stay nutritious during the Nationwide Lockdown Period. Pre-order during lockdown period for exclusive discounts! Payment Methods: COD / EFT Contact Anthony for more details071 8714403

NutriGo Smoothies

Smoothies / box
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  • Store Frozen (-2C and less)

  • Slice open, add ice and blend!