Grind365 Fitness Box


With it's lightweight, compact design the G365 Fitness box creates a solution to train just about anywhere. With various fitness equipment like a Step Box for cardio & core workouts, Resistance bands for muscular strenght & range of motion, Jump rope for high intensity & stamina workouts, you can also train just about any style!


Fitness Box includes:

1 x Variable height Step / Core box (15cm / 25cm / 35cm )

3 x Variable resistance bands + foam handles & foot straps

1 x Jump Rope

1 x Exercise Mat

1 x Measuring Tape

1 x Sanitizer


*includes 21day workout + meal program


Stay fit and feel good with Grind365!

Beat the slump during lockdown!

Strenghten the immune system the right way!

21 days transformation - be that guy!


!! Available during lockdown !!


Our humble manufacturers have clearence to produce and adhere to strict sanitation policies. We are also hard at work collaborating with various delivery options so we can help you stay healthy & nutritious during the Nationwide Lockdown Period.


Payment Methods: COD / EFT


Contact Anthony for more details

071 8714403




Special Offer:


Grind365 offer our clients a R200 / month membership that offer the expertise of fitness professionals in a more personal manner by providing: - In depth NEEDs / CHALLENGES / GOAL analisys- Workout & Nutrition programs- Fitness Statistic Tracking- Fitness scheduling, guides, tips, motivation All through the ease of Google Calendar so everything is always available to you right at your fingertips! See G365 Membership for more details!

G365 Fitness Box