30min Strength & Cardio Fitness Program


4 week program


Level: Beginner - Intermediate

Intensity: High

Training type: Circuit / Bodyweight / Resistance / Cardiovascular 

Ages: 16-49

Gender: Uni

Equipment required: None (suggested: G365 Fitness Box / weights; jump rope; exercise mat)

Additional requirements: 2-5L Water Bottles (for added resistance);  music (for motivation)

Space requirements: 2m x 2m


Beat yourself!

This program is a great way to ease your way back into full body movement and activation, it was designed to aid & educate basic fitness needs for who? You, yourself! Easy to follow, remember, increase / decrease intesity, easy to progress into more advanced movements and exercise styles, only 30min and almost no equipment needed!


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30min | Strength & Cardio | No equipment | 4 week