Gut health - Do you know about probiotics?

Good digestive health is the foundation to weight loss, don't believe me?

"The state of your gut—including those hundred trillion microbes that populate your gut lining—can influence your level of chronic inflammation, gut permeability, and endotoxemia (the transfer of bacterial endotoxin into the circulation), which can all trigger weight gain, high insulin, the deposition of abdominal fat, and even depression."

So what are probiotics?

Probiotics are live bacteria and yeasts that work in a good way in your digestive system. We useally think of bacteria as germs that cause diseases, but our body's are full of it, good and bad!

"The good news is that we are in direct control of the quality and quantity of those gut microbiota that eventually prevent or create metabolic disorders, depending on how we eat and live our lives."

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