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With years of experience beating at their craft, the A-team offer clear & direct expertise for any goal!

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Students & rookies of the industry, the B-team offer loads of motivation and fresh knowledge with more affordable rates!

All professionals recruited to our team complete regular screening and evaluation to ensure they are certified and ready to help you!


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Weight Lifting


Sport / Youth Development, Bodybuilding, Muscle Model, Calisthenics, Martial Arts, Injury Rehab and more!


Weight Management, Functional Training, Muscle Strengthening, Physique Toning, Lifestyle Training, Elderly Fitness and more!

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Tight schedules, traveling,  motivation needs or help with exercise safety & form , live video sessions do the trick!

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Why Grind365?

Daily-"Grind": The difficult, routine, or repetitive tasks of daily work.

Yes, we all face daily challenges and Health & Fitness is one of them!


Our aim is to make this vital task easy and part of your daily lifestyle.

We want to inspire you to conquer, yourself, every day.

We want you to have a clear understanding of your Health & Fitness needs.

We want to establish a trusted brand in the Health & Fitness Industry by offering easy access to personalised Health & Fitness Services for anyone.